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Bruce K Shibuya

How Bruce K. Shibuya Became Known for His Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is an important quality to have, regardless of your industry. Find out how Bruce K. Shibuya became well known in his industry for his attention to detail.

Bruce K. Shibuya 22There are a lot of qualities that a person is recommended to have in any industry they may serve. A good work ethic, a strong skill set, a good set of connections, what have you. One thing that is just as important, however, is to have a good eye for detail, which is something that a lot of people may not have. Someone with good attention to detail can get pretty far on it, being able to identify aspects of their career and the products and/or services that others in their field may otherwise miss. Bruce K. Shibuya is one such person with strong attention to detail; here is what it has done for him.

Bruce K. Shibuya: How his attention to detail has helped him attain success in his industry.

Bruce K. Shibuya today holds a strong track record, due to his incredible vision and foresight. A leader who can increase the value of shares for the shareholders is considered a huge boon for a corporation. This can be achieved in many different ways; increased productivity, increased customer satisfaction, increased profit, and a quality understanding of the different technologies of their industry. A leader who is able to pull all of these things off (and more), as Bruce K. Shibuya can, is an irreplaceable asset, and one who is going to be in high demand. Bruce K. Shibuya owes much of his success to these skills that he has cultivated through years of effort and experimentation, but one of the things that helped him the most is his strong attention to detail. Strong attention of detail has done a world of good for Bruce K. Shibuya to advance in his career and industry, to such a degree that he was even awarded a Toyota executive management award for his “focus to details.”

Bruce K. Shibuya’s career has been a rich and storied one, working in the automotive sector for much of it while also working for various technology companies, such as NVIDIA, for which he was the Vice President of global supply chain quality operations. A job of this stature is not an easy one by far, but Bruce K. Shibuya certainly makes it look like it. He currently works as Chief QA/QE engineering management for ON-Semiconductor Intelligent Sensor Group, and his career does not look like it is going to slow down any time soon.

Attention to detail for some is something they have from the start, something they are born with, while for others it is something they had to train themselves to get better at. As Bruce K. Shibuya says, there’s always room for continuous improvement either way.

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