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Bruce K. Shibuya Discusses the Toyota Executive Management Award and What It Means to Him

Bruce K. Shibuya recently discussed the Toyota executive management award and why he’s honored to have received it. 

Bruce K. Shibuya has been in the auto industry for decades. He has worked as the Lexus Quality National Manager, the Chief Operations Officer at Quanergy systems, and has held numerous executive or senior positions at Hyundai/KIA, Coda Automotive, and more. The years of hard work Bruce K. Shibuya dedicated to the Toyota/Lexus company led him to receive the Toyota executive management award.

Bruce K. Shibuya was presented with the award due to a number of praise-worthy traits and accomplishments. The Toyota company valued his attention to detail and strong work ethic. Bruce K. Shibuya is able to identify issues with products and services that nearly every other employee misses. Bruce has been praised for his ability to increase profit, improve customer satisfaction, and advance technologies. 

The Toyota team acknowledged Bruce K. Shibuya as an essential asset to the company and mentioned his impeccable attention to detail as a reason why he was chosen as the recipient of the executive management award. Bruce K. Shibuya commented that the award was the result of countless years of hard work in the automotive sector. He explained that his career has been based on doing the best for his company, whether he was working at Toyota, Hyundai, NVIDIA. Bruce K.

Bruce K Shibuya
Bruce K Shibuya

At Toyota, Bruce K. Shibuya was praised for his understanding that small details can make a major difference. The company stated his management skills were some of the best in the company, and his ability to improve quality and productivity is irreplaceable.

Bruce K. Shibuya made major strides in warranty claim reduction during his time at Toyota. He improved quality testing and made specification adjustments to create a 10-percent reduced failure rate on audio systems within a one-year period. Fewer warranty issues meant more profit for Toyota and superior customer satisfaction overall.

“I was so honored to receive the Toyota executive management award,” Bruce K. Shibuya said. “At Toyota, I worked tirelessly to improve the company by all means possible. I was overjoyed to have all of my hard work praised by the executives at that great company.”

Toyota explained that Bruce K. Shibuya has a keen eye for identifying areas of inefficiency and improving them. He’s a strong believer in increasing product quality to raise profitability and reduce expenses due to product failure. Shibuya is currently working for the ON-Semiconductor Intelligent Sensor Group and is applying his unique skill set to help this company succeed as well. He hopes to achieve as many milestones for the ON-Semiconductor Intelligent Sensor Group as he did at Toyota. 

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