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Bruce K Shibuya

Inventor and Leader Bruce K. Shibuya Continues On Same Path of Innovation

Bruce K. Shibuya has been acknowledged as an exceptional leader by more than one coworker and peers have remarked on his impressive foresight when it comes to technology in general and individual project forecasts. He has an eye for detail, a dedication to a deadline, and a seemingly intuitive mind for predictive analytics and manufactured intelligence. This is why Bruce K. Shibuya has had an impressive career as an inventor and leader and why his upward momentum is still occurring at the same rate. Bruce K. Shibuya served as the Chief Operating Officer at Quanergy, leading his coworkers with quick thinking and innovation.

Bruce K. Shibuya Facilitated Growth and Efficiency With Forward Thinking and Innovation.

Bruce K. Shibuya is known as more than a great leader and mentor who brings projects to completion. He is an inventor with patents of his own. Solutions in predictive analytics are required to improve efficiency, increase production, and reduce errors. Bruce K. Shibuya specializes in these solutions, in fact, he even invents those solutions when he sees a need for improvement. Bruce K. Shibuya has received the Toyota executive management award for his impressive focus to details in the past, and several other awards and accolades because he draws the attention of CEOs with his ability to look into the data to create improvement for the company. When he comes into a management position the bottom line grows. He has improved production and profits between 10 million to 50 million at various companies he has worked at. This is why he is considered a top performer and his work is described as transformative by the companies where he has built his reputation and career.

The automotive industry would not be the same without this innovative leader who translates data into useful information for efficiency and sales and even has patents backing his proven way of turning historical data into information that is priceless. The growth he brings makes him in high demand across the automotive leadership field and he always delivers with his proven and unique way of identifying and solving issues as they arise.

Bruce K. Shibuya will continue to work in the semiconductor and other industries manufacturing field and bring innovative changes to improve productivity, reduce mistakes, and increase efficiency and therefore profits. Bruce K. Shibuya is one of those people who have a passion for the work they do, and it shows in each and every project and patented invention.

Bruce K Shibuya

How Bruce K. Shibuya Became Known for His Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is an important quality to have, regardless of your industry. Find out how Bruce K. Shibuya became well known in his industry for his attention to detail.

Bruce K. Shibuya 22There are a lot of qualities that a person is recommended to have in any industry they may serve. A good work ethic, a strong skill set, a good set of connections, what have you. One thing that is just as important, however, is to have a good eye for detail, which is something that a lot of people may not have. Someone with good attention to detail can get pretty far on it, being able to identify aspects of their career and the products and/or services that others in their field may otherwise miss. Bruce K. Shibuya is one such person with strong attention to detail; here is what it has done for him.

Bruce K. Shibuya: How his attention to detail has helped him attain success in his industry.

Bruce K. Shibuya today holds a strong track record, due to his incredible vision and foresight. A leader who can increase the value of shares for the shareholders is considered a huge boon for a corporation. This can be achieved in many different ways; increased productivity, increased customer satisfaction, increased profit, and a quality understanding of the different technologies of their industry. A leader who is able to pull all of these things off (and more), as Bruce K. Shibuya can, is an irreplaceable asset, and one who is going to be in high demand. Bruce K. Shibuya owes much of his success to these skills that he has cultivated through years of effort and experimentation, but one of the things that helped him the most is his strong attention to detail. Strong attention of detail has done a world of good for Bruce K. Shibuya to advance in his career and industry, to such a degree that he was even awarded a Toyota executive management award for his “focus to details.”

Bruce K. Shibuya’s career has been a rich and storied one, working in the automotive sector for much of it while also working for various technology companies, such as NVIDIA, for which he was the Vice President of global supply chain quality operations. A job of this stature is not an easy one by far, but Bruce K. Shibuya certainly makes it look like it. He currently works as Chief QA/QE engineering management for ON-Semiconductor Intelligent Sensor Group, and his career does not look like it is going to slow down any time soon.

Attention to detail for some is something they have from the start, something they are born with, while for others it is something they had to train themselves to get better at. As Bruce K. Shibuya says, there’s always room for continuous improvement either way.

Bruce Shibuya

Bruce Shibuya Explores How the Supply Chain is Being Disrupted

The Pandemic Has Led to a Considerable Impact in Supply Chains Across the Globe | Bruce Shibuya

All it takes is one company’s operations to impact the operations of many. Bruce Shibuya, previous Chief Operations Officer with Quanergy, has explored how supply chain management has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic around the country.

Bruce K ShibuyaOne of the areas where Bruce Shibuya shines is through predictive analytics. He understands that there are real-time analytics that can be used to explore the health of a supply chain. When the numbers aren’t there, there’s a reason behind them. Rather than looking at the productivity of its employees, however, companies need to see how their supply chain has been impacted.

As Bruce Shibuya explains, there is often what is known as a bullwhip effect being seen across many companies. This is when forecasts result in supply chain inefficiencies. Customer demand is stronger than what the inventory can manage. This is being seen in a number of different areas, including toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and more. It leads to inefficiencies all throughout the supply chain – customer, retailer, distributor, and all the way to the manufacturer.

Bruce Shibuya is a huge proponent of telling customers what the buying expectations have to be in order to manage the supply chain more effectively. When people “panic buy,” it depletes the inventory that stores have had in order to achieve balance. It will also result in too many of a particular product down the road as people are, then, forced to use what they have hoarded before needing to buy again.

Bruce Shibuya Continues

Bruce Shibuya has suggested that it may take a while for the supply chain to stabilize. Much of this has to do with how some companies have had to slow down their operations because of not having enough healthy employees to work. Other companies have had to slow down operations because of where they obtain their supplies, including China.

When companies cannot get their raw materials, they cannot produce. When they cannot produce, distributors have nothing to distribute. It leaves store shelves empty and customers complaining. What little inventory is present is subject to higher prices because of supply and demand, as Bruce Shibuya explains.

Although the supply chains are being disrupted all over the globe, Bruce Shibuya has identified that there is a silver lining. Many companies are dedicated to helping people get what they need. As such, some companies have redesigned their productions to use other supplies to produce what is needed using JIT. Other companies are also changing the products they manufacture in order to meet the needs of American consumers.

Bruce Shibuya warns, too, that the supply chain may stay in a disrupted status for months to come.

Bruce K Shibuya

How Bruce K. Shibuya Is Changing The Game Of Business Intelligence In The Auto Industry

Bruce K. Shibuya has an impressive resume, but one aspect stands out above the rest: he’s an expert in business intelligence, and he’s proving that day after day. Bruce Shibuya‘s a mover and shaker in the automobile industry and has transformed the approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Using predictive analytics and quality applications, Bruce K. Shibuya is working to change how business is done in auto manufacturing plants. Bruce. K. Shibuya works to use the data collected to identify unusual trends. This allows Shibuya and his team to find areas of manufacturing that aren’t working well, and change them to create better business outcomes.

Instead of taking the standard approach of looking at what’s happening currently in manufacturing, Bruce K. Shibuya works to use historical data to understand what created the current manufacturing situation within an industry. Armed with this information, he’s able to make decisions that positively affect the manufacturing plant moving forward.Bruce K Shibuya

In order to move forward with the technology currently available, Bruce K. Shibuya believes it’s time to focus on using data to inform machine learning. Machine learning is a relatively new field of artificial intelligence, and few people are pioneering the charge like Shibuya.

Using the approach of analyzing historical data, Bruce K. Shibuya is able to solve manufacturing, design, and supply chain issues. Problems within manufacturing that typically take months to solve are able to be remedied in days.

As the Senior Director of Quality Engineering at Jabil, Bruce K. Shibuya’s unique approach to business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are being used to make widespread changes in the auto industry.

This is nothing new for Bruce K. Shibuya. In 2004, Hyundai outranked Toyota in JD Power & Associates for the first time ever, while Bruce K. Shibuya was serving as the vice president of quality at Hyundai. Shibuya’s business intelligence program was built in partnership with Microsoft and continues to inform business decisions in the auto industry today.

After serving as an executive engineer for Toyota, Bruce K. Shibuya was awarded the Toyota Executive Management Award for attention to detail.

The auto industry is changing quickly, in no small part to contributions from Bruce K. Shibuya. As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to play large roles in the auto development process, it’s expected that the contributions from Bruce K. Shibuya will continue to prove invaluable.